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The nanoTox Academy and Nanotechnology OEHS Campus were formed to provide high caliber, cost-effective Occupational, Environmental, Health and Safety (OEHS) training in the field of nanotechnology. The training curriculum available through these programs is designed to offer a range of educational opportunities and focuses on those activities associated with developing, processing, and manufacturing nanomaterials in the real world. Our goal is to provide industry professionals with the skills and knowledge they need to successfully manage OEHS activities within their day-to-day operations.

nanoTox believes that OEHS education and awareness are critical tools in managing the risks associated with nanomaterials and the only means by which to advance the science as a whole. Our focus is to empower individuals with the knowledge they need to better manage their responsibilities, avoid complications due to confusing regulatory interpretations, and to effectively improve the quality of occupational health programs within this industry. Our Boot Camp programs, together with the other training venues are comprehensive, engaging and understandable for not only the advanced practitioner but, beginners as well.

October 2013 nanoArt Winner
Stacy Pesek of Rice University
Title: "A Nano-Spider's Web"


Thank You to All of Our 2013 Hosts and Sponsors!
Thank You to All of Our 2013 Hosts and Sponsors!
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